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Ursula Sabisch, Meesenring 4, 23566 Luebeck, Germany


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Luebeck, 9 Dec. 2010      

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Please, let the German-language  letter be translated into many languages and be handed it over to the right places.

Dear Mr. W., Dear Mr. T, Dear Sirs,

Thank you for your letter of 6 December 2010.

Since you, as a consumer bank, spend or distribute money with your hands full, I would like to advise you once again to be very careful with the money that you and your kind have not earned!

When you do business with money, you are doing business with the power produced, much of which is artificially generated, be it, for example, nuclear energy, radio waves, fibre optics, solar cells, capacitors or electric motors.

This largely artificially generated medium of exchange, in turn, which is borrowed from your bank, is also spent and consumed to a certain extent on something invisible or intangible, which is called software, which is used, for example, by a notebook, PC, TV, mobile phone or an I Phone, and thus through the hardware again something intangible and invisible can be generated.

A journey is also something intangible and not permanent and not only costs money, but often damages the ozone layer, for example, or produces carbon dioxide and changes the habitat for future generations.

However, one thing is always in between any consumption or enjoyment of an intangible or invisible production; it is the psyche of the human being that you as a credit provider understand how to serve, because the best comes last!

"Time for desires and your benefits at a glance, isn't it," and that too for young people you are addressing, whose could got them in a dilemma!

The five quickest ways to your BestCredit, which is also available via software!

Since you manage my money to a large extent, I do not allow you and all other banks or financial institutions to throw my money around and to con others into it or to force it on them!

I expect a basic attitude from a current "banker" that is equal to the claim of an administrator.

No one can or will finance a gluttony society and for this reason I urge you and others to make targeted loans that* will connect and produce something on the bottom line that will retain a lasting value for future generations through a clear separation of *high tech/ and life.

This means no loans for banquets, weddings, celebrations, luxury flats, houses, cars, luxury holidays, jewels, motor yachts or the like.

All financial obligations of the individual are converted into social obligations; should these not be paid accordingly, there is nothing for the individual to eat! All the money goes into one big pot, with each person receiving as much as he or she needs to live.

No one, nobody should be able to be blackmailed by another, not even by the employer, so that everyone in his or her place can and must take care that no one is exploited, cheated or hurt.

With and through restructuring, there are more jobs and work than there are people on the labour market, and thus competition can be ended in every respect, since money is basically allowed to be available as a means of exchange in the future, earned exclusively through the physical strength and mental power of the individual.

A service rendered must be measurable by the value of the service of others in order to be fairly remunerated.

All invisible values and achievements must be invested in people for humanity, and it is precisely at this point that there is a very significant difference in this time between a desirable* normality and the current nuclear age, which no one should underestimate!

My person has also invested a lot of money in high-tech through the contract concluded with you and thus I advise you to take the start of the term of this financing literally, otherwise we will soon all have to run!! !

I expect to receive my very hard earned pocket money including all my receivables promptly with the basic terms of handing over settled.


U. Sabisch

20 Oct. 2010/ HP: That you and all others are especially blackmailable by/ from* my person would have to have its correctness at this time!

The content of the letter has been corrected*.